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Mentorship Information & Application
As adults, sadly most women today have had their own share of "learning experiences" in their lives.  Many of us look back and wish that we could have had a voice of guidance, someone who could have possibly given us advice or even just an ear to listen. 

As a volunteer SWAGG Mentor, each one of us as women has the opportunity to make that difference in the life of a young girl that we may have personally missed.  What could be more rewarding than the satisfaction that you receive by helping to mold a young mind and guide a young heart through what life has in store for them?

The schedule-friendly online mentorship aspect of our program opens to door to many busy career women who might not otherwise have the large amount of time to commit that may be required for other local mentorship programs.  Being available via email, and phone if desired, makes it possible for all of us to continue our busy lives while still offering an open ear and sound advice.

If this mentor relationship sounds like it's right for you, please complete our Mentor Application Form below.  When the application is complete simply click the submit button to send your information to us.  You will be contacted within 48 hours after receipt of your application to discuss your mentoring opportunities.

We THANK YOU in advance and look forward to hearing from you soon!

S.W.A.G.G. Mentor Application

Personal Information

First name:                                                Middle initial:               Last name:                                   

Date of Birth: 

Contact Information

Home Address:                                                                                                                     Apt #: 

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Please answer the following questions in the space provided.  If you need additional space please feel free to continue on another piece of paper.

1.  What inspires you to offer your service as a mentor?

2.   What are the capacities, capabilities, skills, and interests that you would bring to your service as a S.W.A.G.G. Mentor?


3.   What do you hope to gain from this experience?  What do you hope to give?

4.   Please list your occupation as well as any past endeavors or achievements.


5.   Please list your educational background or certifications.

6.    Do you now, or have you in the past used alcohol or drugs?  If yes, please share your experience.

7.    How did you hear about S.W.A.G.G.?

8.    What, if any, is your experience working with children?     

9.   Have you ever personally been a victim of domestic violence or involved with someone who was?  If yes, please explain.

10. Have you ever been convicted of a felony?  If so, please explain your experience and what you learned from this experience.

11.  Please list what you consider your strengths?

12.  Please list what your consider your weaknesses?

13.  Please list and describe any kind of ministry, extracurricular/volunteer services, and/or clubs you have been a part of?

14.  Would you consider yourself to be an introvert or extrovert?

15.  Please include the names and contact information of each of the three following who could serve as character references for you.

  • Relative or family member

  • Non-related reference

  • Business reference/Co-worker

I understand that by completing this application I am granting permission to S.W.A.G.G. Personnel to perform a background check.  I also realize that I am not automatically accepted into the S.W.A.G.G. Mentorship Program.  I attest that the aforementioned information is true and complete to the best of my knowledge.


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